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About VINformer.SU project

History of the name

The VINformer name derived from two words: VIN and informer. And as you might guess you can find the information about your vehicle by a VIN (vehicle identification number). A part of the information (the definition of the basic parameters of the vehicle) you can get for free. And a part (service history, equipment details, production date, Carfax©, AutoCheck©, etc.) - for a fee. You will see the link to purchase the additional reports in the "Additional Reports" section under "VINformer Report" if the additional reports are available.


For the website owners we offer to gain an access to the VIN decoder and cars catalog by subscription. You will recieve VIN decoding reports via special API and you may to use this data on your website or in the software. You may use the API like a decoder or integrate to an application.

More information can be found in the "Cooperation" section.

API for access to cars catalog (without the VIN usage) in under construstion now.

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